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Our genesis started in 1984 with the supply of fundamental data to Malaysian newspapers on listed companies in Malaysia and in Singapore. Focus was shifted exclusively to Malaysian stocks after the Malaysia and Singapore markets went their separate ways in 1990 followed by the formation of CLOB in Singapore for the trading of Malaysian stocks. Data supply was extended to international data companies in later years.

The Portal commenced in 1999 as in response to the then nascent potential of the Internet as a powerful medium for information products and services. Portal content has since been adapted for use by many individuals and groups. Ongoing research & development continued at a fast clip to provide better and clearer profiles of listed companies. In 2008, the portal went regional with an appropriate name change to In 2009, Pte. Ltd. was incorporated to cover Singapore equities. Currently covering both Malaysia and Singapore, there are plans for the portal to go regional and launch sites for Australia and Hong Kong; with the rest of the other ASEAN countries in the pipeline.

"By far the best investment site covering the Malaysian market, provides a wealth of information, with statistics and indices, proprietary analysis and more..."


Today, is an independent equities research portal that has become a useful reference tool in both Malaysian & Singapore investment markets for:

  • Global data houses;
  • Online Brokerages;
  • Banks;
  • Watchdog Groups;
  • Accounting Groups;
  • Local research & data houses;
  • Institutional investors;
  • Fund managers;
  • Remisiers or Commissioned Dealer's Representatives;
  • Financial Writers & Analysts;
  • Certified Financial Planners (CFPs);
  • Retail investors consisting of Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen (PMEBs).


Portal Highlights

  • Complete coverage of all Malaysia and Singapore listed stocks providing extensive archives dating back up to 20 years.
  • Normalized databases for comparison and filtering across industries and countries.
  • Multi-disciplined approach to information presentation including financial, industry, sub-sector, economic and quantitative indicators.
  • Extensive qualitative news archive coverage including local and international publications.
  • PE multiples and other market price versus accounting value ratios enigma unravelled.
  • Controlling shareholders' behavioural patterns exposed.
  • Use of latest NOSH (number of outstanding shares) to compute indices.
  • Fundamental Timing - a key to maximizing profits - presented in a multi-disciplined investment approach.

Portal Features

  • Tracker. Archives - Comprehensive suite of archived data for all listed companies
    • Stock Search: Entering partial names to locate stocks.
    • Company Profiles: Providing individual archives of all listed companies.
    • Company Financials: 3 Financial Statements provided, namely, the Balance Sheet, P&L and Cash Flow, including Quarterly Financials tracking Rolling-Quarters EPS/DPS.
    • Company Sub-Sector or Industry Analysis: Comparison of PE, DY, EPS, ROE, ROR & ROTA amongst competitors regionally.
    • Company Charts & Prices: 200 day and weekly price & volumes charts provided; Fundamental charts of 7 valuation ratios, 2 market price ratios and 3 accounting KPIs.
    • Company Briefs: Significant news compiled from various sources and presented in 10 categories
    • Company Shareholding: Distribution analysis of controlling shareholders
    • Company Ratios & Indices: Per Share Indices & Price Multiples; Accounting Ratios & KPIs; Liquidity Ratios presented over a time series
    • Company Capital & Dividend Info: Capital & Dividend Payout; Share Buyback; ESOS Exercise - all used to calculate latest NOSH (number of outstanding shares) to compute per share values correctly
    • Company Directors: Directors Profiles revealed, including other directorships in other companies
    • Company Due-D Basic: Due Diligence report and scoring using 10 indicators
    • Company Due Diligence: Comprehensive Due Diligence report using 62 indicators

  • Tracker. Stock Picker - A powerful multi-disciplined tool-kit that simplifies stock picking based on user's own criteria. The retrieval of selections made is instantaneous and is available only on very costly data systems. Stock picking can be based using:
    • FILTERS: A bottom up approach using financial indicators. Filtering tools providing a total of 35 selection criteria that searches through thousands of public listed companies providing an instantaneous list based on choices made. Common criteria used include PE ratios, Dividend Yields, Uninterrupted years of net profits or dividends or simply filter for daily closing prices. Use this feature to complement other stock picking techniques.
    • BENCHMARKING: A top-down approach using more than 80 sub-sector or industry classifications, inclusive of cross country comparisons.

  • Tracker. Timing
    • Fundamental Timing: Based on proprietary statistical EY Truth Bands
    • 52-Week Timing: Cross Section of Price Movement Volatility displays the respective list of stocks that have fluctuated within certain percentages from its moving 52-week lows/highs.
    • Events Based: Window dressing dates and reporting dates

  • Tracker. Charting
    • Download Charting Tools
    • Download Price-Volume Histories
    • Download End-Of-Day (EOD) Data
    • View Price Adjustment Factor Table sorted by Date or Company Names

  • Tracker. Alerts
    • Classified Announcements - providing qualitative news archives organized in 14 categories.
    • EPS Growth Comparison - sorted by Company Names
    • Dividend Entitlements - sorted by Company Names
    • Capital Issues - sorted by Company Names

  • Tracker. Portfolio
    • Download Personal Portfolio Manager - My's Personal Portfolio has been developed to assist investors in keeping track of their portfolios. It has a daily update feature which refreshes the close prices and presents an up-to-date view and status of the user's portfolio. The Portfolio tool consists of 2 main functions, namely, allowing the user to keep track of the status of the portfolio; and allowing the user to maintain a historical record of transactions.

  • Tracker. Email Services
    • My Watchlist - My Radar or My Watchlist tracks and emails the latest company announcements and financials.

  • Tracker. Education - Events
    • is a provider of educational courses focused on fundamental aspects of a Company. provides a suite of courses that cater to beginners and advanced investors.

Why Choose

    • Linked to numerous brokers trading sites, the Portal is a click away to potential investors
    • The Portal has access to databases of over 100,000 names regionally through our partners
    • The website traffic is averaging 6 million page views per year and growing

    • The Portal has been in the industry for over 20 years and is a trusted site amongst the investing community
    • educational events & seminars have been gaining popularity with investors
    • is becoming the standard reference for the investing community

    • It is the only Portal that has over 20 years of archived data in the market
    • It provides normalized, audited, filtered and summarized data that has been the essential source of information for investors
    • It provides cross-border comparisons amongst companies in the same industry or sub-sector

    • The Portal is not affiliated to any organizations and remains the leading regional independent equities research portal
    • Large user base ensures the Portal's stability and future
    • Stable team of data developers, application engineers and managers
    • Privately held, zero debt, growth financed exclusively through profits over the last 20 years

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